Lyon Shopping haul post


Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago, my friend and I went to Lyon for shopping. As you can see on my profile, I am French, and I don’t live in Paris… but next to the 2nd biggest city.

Lyon is a great place, well-known for its gastronomy, for its beautiful places, shopping streets, museum, and also for its big soccer team. There are so many things we can enjoy there even though we are far from the capital !

I decided to go in several stores, I love shopping, it makes me feel like I am looking for the Holy Grail, this time I came back home with treasures !

Mac – in Extreme dimension – waterproof mascara


I used it a few years ago, but not the waterproof one. it’s one of my favorite mascaras.

Mac – Diva – Lipstick


I actually received it for free. I saved 6 empty containers that I return, and they let me choose which Lipstick I wanted. I chose that one because I wanted an intense burgundy shade, and I thought this was exactly what I needed.

Mac – Mineralize skinfinish natural powder


I’ve already reviewed this powder in another (old) article. I use it since then and for me it’s the greatest powder ever.

Make Up For Ever – Mat Velvet foundation


I talked about. it in my previous post, it’s a new foundation and I’ve been using it since a couple of days. But I am really satisfied, and I love how it brightens the skin.

Marc Jacobs Beauty – Air Blush Soft Glow Duo


the packaging attracted me at first. there is a big mirror so it’s very convenient. Then the shade : a mix of sheer and pink.

The Balm – Instain blush

In that case, the packaging also attracted me. I am very weak, and I know I am potentially a victim of good merchandising 😉. More seriously, the colour is really nice and I won’t hesitate next time to buy other shades

The Balm – Mary Lou Manizer

Yes, I finally bought it ! and yes, it fulfills all. my needs and expectations.

Adopt – Coverfit Bronze powder


It was the first time for me to hear about that brand. It’s French so I am not sure whether you can find it online or not…

I bought this bronzing powder because it wasn’t pricey at all, and I’ve found a large range of shades. This one is mat, with a yellow undertone, so it’s good for my skin’s type.

NYX – HD Photogenic Concealer


Good one and cheap ! It does its job perfectly.

Inuwet Unicorn blush brush


We are all unicorns, aren’t we ? This is pure heaven ! and looks so cute !

I think I had an amazing shopping,

Have you ever tried one these products ?  What do you think about them ?

Let me know in the comment section below ! ❤


Living with rosacea and couperose

Hi everyone,

Everything is in the title : Yes, I have rosacea and couperose.

What is hidden under these medical terms ?

These are skin conditions which are not harmful, not contagious. It brings some redness on the cheeks, and visible tiny blood vessels too.

At the beginning, I thought I caught an allergy due to some cosmetics and creams. I went to a dermatologist and she told me what I had.

It can be caused by many factors : exposure to the sun, alcohol, spicy foods, coffee, tobacco… and there are so many reasons we can add to this : a lack of sleep, hormones disorder, stress, a sudden change of température, etc…


Gaspar Camps

Of course, it’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror each day and see your face in such shape… It didn’t help me feel confident, especially because I was relatively young : 26 years old. It usually happens when we get old…

I’ve tried several treatments, including the Mirvaso cream. I have to say that this cream has spectacular effects on a very short-term : after a few minutes, the skin looks like a baby’s skin. But this is just temporary and after a few hours the skin becomes red again. It has a few side-effects, and after a while, my dermatologist said I shouldn’t use it every day. So I decided to stop using it, and instead, I use products for sensitive skin.

I’ve learned to accept this condition, just as I accepted all the body changes I had to go through. And now, I embrace it. It may sounds crazy but this is a part of me. And just like me, my emotions, my skin reacts also in its way.

The good thing is that I can wear make-up, because this is not related to any allergy !

During these past years, I’ve tried to look the more natural possible. Trying to find the best foundation, mineral powders and blushes etc…  that could suit me and lower the redness.

Japanese character : Kumamon


Rosacea gives you a pink tone, it’s better to find make-up with a yellow undertone. It lowers the “tomato-cheeks” effect, and gives you a natural look.

I’ve tried several foundations, and here are 3 that I recommend for people with rosacea and/or couperose :

1- Estee Lauder – Double Wear – Sand

My first love. It feels comfortable when you wear it, it hides all the blemishes perfectly.

2- Revlon – Colorstay

It’s a gift I received for Christmas, I finished it a few days ago, it’s good, hides well and doesn’t melt at the end of the day. I think it’s a good compromise, if we want to find something cheap and with a great quality.

3- Make Up For Ever – Mat Velvet –  Porcelain

This one, I am still testing it, but from what I see, it’s great. It looks so natural, the texture is more dense than the two other foundations but it’s easy to apply,

Then, I use any kind of mineral powder (I avoid the ones with perfume). But for the blush, I use mostly orange/coral blushes,  to diminish the pink color on the cheeks due to rosacea.

I know I am not the only one living with rosacea, but I thought it would help others to understand this condition. I know it’s hard to talk about it or even show it to others. But it’s not something we should be ashamed of.

Instead of turning it into something negative, I’ve been thinking about it as an opportunity : I can take care of myself better than anyone else, and I can share this experience with others, who also suffer from it.

If you also want to share your experience about it, or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment !


Starting a nice new day

It all begins with a nice breakfast, of course.

And for this one, I want to share with you the recipe of this gorgeous oatmeal berries bowl.

Lately, I am trying a new healthy diet (I don’t really like this term “diet”, because it’s not exactly a diet, it’s just that I am changing my bad habits). Thankfully I am on vacations now, so I have more time and it’s very easy to try new things at home.

I am on a healthy journey, I need to take care of myself more, and I hope I can keep it for a little while before my bad habits will find their way back home ! Spring is a great season to sart all over again.

I have tough days at work, and I barely have time for cooking in the morning.

But if you have a day off, just like I am having one now, it’s a  good occasion to try it.

Now I am going to share this amazing recipe with you.

Feel free to tell me if you’ve ever tried it, and if you liked it !


Ingredients (for 1 person) :

  • 50 g of rolled oats
  • 50 cl (2 cups) of soy milk
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • chia seeds
  • almonds
  • a bunch of cranberries
  • a bunch of fresh bilberries and strawberries
  • cinnamon

Instructions :

In a pot, stir the milk with the rolled oats for about 10 minutes (until it becomes creamy), to medium high heat.

Add the honey and pour the mixture in a bow, add the chia seeds, the almonds, the cinnamon and the fruits.

Serve it warm.

Bon appétit !



Hi everyone out there !

I feel like it’s been an eternity since the last time I came to post something.

Almost 3 years have passed, and I couldn’t keep working on this blog.

So many things happened and I’ve been so busy lately that I just had no time even for myself.

What happened in these 3 years ? First of all, new projects, new job, new challenges, new habits (both good and bad, let’s be honest 😉 ), and so on …

I thought I would never be able to blog again, but I realized it’s time to give it another try and share stuffs with you guys just like I used to do. And there is so many things I have to share !

So here I am, I am alive !

To be continued …  ❤



September Favorites & Discoveries

Hi everyone !

I am a bit late to make this article, but well, it is not going to be wasted if I do it now 😉

This month I don’t have lots of products to show you but still there are a few !

  • Skin Care

It took me time to finish my Topicrem body milk, I talked about it in this article, and I am currently using this new one from Uriage. This one is a moisturizing and nourishing creamy body milk. It’s not so heavy and there is almost no smell.

I really like it, it leaves my skin so soft all day long.

  • Make up

★ Lips ★

As a discovery in this make up section, I want to talk about Maybelline Color Elixir n°710 (Rose Redefined), I have seen many advertisements about it, and I was really happy when I bought it. Well, I have to say that the smell is really nice, and it’s very moisturizing my lips … but the color isn’t so pigmented and it looks almost sheer when I apply it. It’s a good product but I may probably buy another color.

I also wanted lately to have more pink lip sticks/lip balms, and I love these lacquer balms from Revlon, I bought the Colorbust lacquer balm n°120 (vivacious), it is so pigmented, long stay and don’t let your lips dry.

Finally, I bought a lip gloss from Rimmel, I think I use it almost every day since 3 weeks now, it’s cheap and the quality is great ! It makes my lips shiny. I am loving it !

★ Face ★

Oh I am in love ! yes I am ! this blusher from W7 is so amazing ! (yes, it’s a dupe from Benefit) It’s really cheap but the quality is great ! It gives a nice glow to the cheeks with just a little bit of shimmering. It’s a coral tone so it’s warm but once I apply it with a powder brush, it looks natural.

It’s a blusher but I use it to highlight my cheeks, before applying my cream blush.

  • Accessory

DSC_0070 (2)-3

Finally, my last purchase of September was this retractable lip brush from Real Techniques. I think I want to have all their brushes ! I love them so much ! This lip brush is great and does its job perfectly !

My “score” on each product (you can also click on each product to find it online) :

♥ = nice / ♥♥ = good / ♥♥♥ = really good / ♥♥♥♥ = I Love it !

Uriage Body Milk ♥♥♥

Maybelline Color Elixir ♥♥

Revlon Colorbust lacquer balm ♥♥♥

Rimmel Vinyl lipgloss ♥♥♥♥

W7 Honey Queen Bronzer ♥♥♥♥

Real Techniques retractable lip brush ♥♥♥

Do you have any of these products ? What do you think about them ? Let me know !