10 Facts about Beauty Addiction

If you are reading this article it means that you are wondering if you have a serious problem with a beauty addiction .. don’t worry and keep reading, you are in the good place !

Beauty addiction is a severe problem : between 15 to 99 years old, any woman can suffer from that and the symptoms are soon predictable ! 😉

What are the signs of a beauty addiction ?

  1. You can’t spend a day without make up, even if it’s just a very natural and simple look
  2. You consider stores like Sephora as wonderlands
  3. When talking to your friends, at some point you will simply cut the conversation to talk about your last purchase and show it off
  4. You buy the same make up twice (in case of emergency)
  5. You think what you are using now is “a must have” and you believe you can’t live without it … until you find your new holy Grail (a never ending story !)
  6. You can easily spend 2 hours just for preparing yourself
  7. You always check the latest make up collections from your favorite brands
  8. For you, make up is an Art !
  9. When looking at another girl’s make up, you can soon notice her mistakes and bad tastes (we all do it !)
  10. You are a shopaholic and you compulsively buy make up just for your own pleasure (and you secretly know that you will use some just once or twice)

What are the risks of such a beauty addiction ?

hmmm probably Happiness ? Euphoria ? Entertainment ? a better social life ? Self esteem ?

Or it could worse : You could be starting a blog and sharing all what you like with people, which would maintain this addiction !

How can you find help and heal yourself ?

There is no remedy, unfortunately for you ! You will have to accept it, so just like me, face the reality and keep doing what you like : be pretty for yourself and enjoy it !!! 😉

Do you agree ? / disagree ? Do you match with any of these points ?

Let me know !




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