The things I need to do

We are already in August and I realized this year I haven’t done lots of things. Time flies and I should start thinking what I need to do to have a good life.

I started many things but because of a lack of time and motivation, I stopped for a while those things, it doesn’t mean I won’t do them anymore, it just means I need to organize myself and finish everything I started.

From all the things I need to do, I think these are the most important :

  • Study photography and keep practising every day : I started a course in March, I love photography and this course was great (at the beginning) but I am having a total breakdown with the last lessons (“how to use internet” or “what’s inside a computer”) I just can’t go on with such lessons, I needed more technical reviews and advices about photography itself. I have 4 books left before I can receive my certificate, so I really need to finish it quickly! I also tried to find creative ideas each day, it helped me improve my skills but these days I avoid this creative aspect of photography to just take simple pictures. I need to find more time to practice.
  • Play sport : it’s been a year since I stopped going at the gym. I feel I need to move this body because I realized how tired I become whenever I do a tiny effort. So it’s time for me to really take care of myself, even if I am lazy.
  • Study Japanese : I started to study Japanese like 6 years ago. I stayed there for a long time but I also stopped studying and practising. I have so many books about Japanese culture and language that I should think to finish them someday.
  • Pick all the things I don’t need and throw them away : I have lots of things I keep in my house, some things are old and some I don’t use them, so I think it’s time for me to donate, give to some friends or throw away. Cleaning is also a good way to clear my mind and start with new stuffs and new thoughts, I think it will take time but I feel it’s the right moment to do it!
  • Read books : I have TONS of books, and I always love to buy more (it’s an addiction, I always buy many) but I read slowly, so I want to read and finish them fast.
  • Write articles for my blog : I really love to share things here. I feel happy whenever I see that more and more people are following me. So I want to keep writing and find new ideas each day.

Well, I think it’s nice to write down what we have to do. It’s great to realize how little things and little steps can change our lives.

What about you ? Do you sort of list all the things you have to do ? Let me know  🙂