What’s in my bag

Hi everyone !

Today while I was cleaning my stuffs, I started to think “why not posting an article about all the things I have in my bag” ? … and here I am.

I often joke about it, whenever someone asks me what’s inside (because it’s a bit heavy…), I simply answer that I bring my house in a sample format 😉

These are the things I carry on my bag everyday.

A Beauty Blogger opens her bag for you to know her a bit better…

What I constantly use is my agenda. I got the Hello Kitty one as a present from my best friend’s sister when I was in Japan. I just love it ! it’s really cute, colourful and very practical.

Then I have a pencil case and I use a notebook. I don’t write a diary, but I think it’s important to have some piece of paper to write ideas, for blogging or for photography for example, and it’s important to have pens and pencils no matter where we go (we always need to fill papers).

I keep on my purse my autoradio from Sony. it has a USB port so I can bring with me  my cute penguin USB aswell  (there are days I don’t use my car so I just don’t bring these with me)

My Kenzo glasses : I have good eyes, but I soon feel tired at night so when I drive my car, or when I need to read/watch a movie etc… I wear my glasses. And for the eyeglasses case, I bought it in Japan, in a 100 Yens shop. The Kenzo case broke and I found that one original and matching better with the style of the glasses.

Then there’s my wallet ! Even if it’s pretty empty these days 😉 I received it as a present, this time from my best friend’s mom. It’s big but I like that size, I can put many things inside.

Next to my wallet is my card holder. I have many cards, like point cards, or mileage cards … I know I won’t use them that often (especially the mileage cards…I take flights maybe once or twice in a year) but I like to keep them with me, it’s also not  to loose them or search for between my drawers.

I have some Japanese lucky charms (the 2 purple amulets), these are to protect me from evils and to make my wishes come true, and a Japanese souvenir from Tokyo Asakusa Shrine (the bamboo one with the bells, also a lucky charm). I don’t know if they work well on my luck but they are my daily reminders that I have been there and that I love this country.

On the top you can see a pouch, still bought in Japan, in another 100 yens shop, I like to store inside many things : my Mickey mouse tooth brush set and a mouth wash, a sun protection from OMI Brotherhood, a disinfectant for hands, John Frieda Luxurious volume styling spray (in case I need to set my hair quickly), a lip balm and a retractable plastic comb. I also have another pouch (yes, still bought in Japan), and I put inside a (broken) box of oil blotting paper : my skin, especially in summer, becomes oily, this is just great and removes the oil from the face very well! I also put inside this pouch a mirror, Biore cleansing oil cotton wipes and portable paper soap (some places like public toilets don’t have soap, I found it just amazing and so convenient!).

That’s my purse from San Marina

As you can see, I really have many things inside of my bag, I can’t help it, I think  I like to have with me essentials things, I need to feel comfortable no matter where I go.

You will also realize that I am a crazy freak about being clean (I am aware of it  😉 ) but there are some places and moments when I just need to feel clean and refreshed.

What about you ? Is your bag empty or do you have a bag similar to mine? What are the things you always carry with you?

Let me know!