Lyon Shopping haul post


Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago, my friend and I went to Lyon for shopping. As you can see on my profile, I am French, and I don’t live in Paris… but next to the 2nd biggest city.

Lyon is a great place, well-known for its gastronomy, for its beautiful places, shopping streets, museum, and also for its big soccer team. There are so many things we can enjoy there even though we are far from the capital !

I decided to go in several stores, I love shopping, it makes me feel like I am looking for the Holy Grail, this time I came back home with treasures !

Mac – in Extreme dimension – waterproof mascara


I used it a few years ago, but not the waterproof one. it’s one of my favorite mascaras.

Mac – Diva – Lipstick


I actually received it for free. I saved 6 empty containers that I return, and they let me choose which Lipstick I wanted. I chose that one because I wanted an intense burgundy shade, and I thought this was exactly what I needed.

Mac – Mineralize skinfinish natural powder


I’ve already reviewed this powder in another (old) article. I use it since then and for me it’s the greatest powder ever.

Make Up For Ever – Mat Velvet foundation


I talked about. it in my previous post, it’s a new foundation and I’ve been using it since a couple of days. But I am really satisfied, and I love how it brightens the skin.

Marc Jacobs Beauty – Air Blush Soft Glow Duo


the packaging attracted me at first. there is a big mirror so it’s very convenient. Then the shade : a mix of sheer and pink.

The Balm – Instain blush

In that case, the packaging also attracted me. I am very weak, and I know I am potentially a victim of good merchandising ūüėČ. More seriously, the colour is really nice and I won’t hesitate next time to buy other shades

The Balm – Mary Lou Manizer

Yes, I finally bought it ! and yes, it fulfills all. my needs and expectations.

Adopt – Coverfit Bronze powder


It was the first time for me to hear about that brand. It’s French so I am not sure whether you can find it online or not…

I bought this bronzing powder because it wasn’t pricey at all, and I’ve found a large range of shades. This one is mat, with a yellow undertone, so it’s good for my skin’s type.

NYX – HD Photogenic Concealer


Good one and cheap ! It does its job perfectly.

Inuwet Unicorn blush brush


We are all unicorns, aren’t we ? This is pure heaven ! and looks so cute !

I think I had an amazing shopping,

Have you ever tried one these products ?  What do you think about them ?

Let me know in the comment section below ! ‚̧


10 Facts about Beauty Addiction

If you are reading this article it means¬†that you are wondering if you have a serious problem¬†with a beauty¬†addiction .. don’t worry and keep reading, you are in the good place !

Beauty addiction is a severe problem¬†: between 15 to 99¬†years old, any woman can suffer from that and the symptoms are soon predictable ! ūüėČ

What are the signs of a beauty addiction ?

  1. You can’t spend a day¬†without make up, even if it’s just a very natural and simple look
  2. You consider stores like Sephora as wonderlands
  3. When talking to your friends, at some point you will simply cut the conversation to talk about your last purchase and show it off
  4. You buy the same make up twice (in case of emergency)
  5. You think what you are using now is “a must have” and you believe you can’t live without it … until you find your new¬†holy Grail (a never ending story !)
  6. You can easily spend 2 hours just for preparing yourself
  7. You always check the latest make up collections from your favorite brands
  8. For you, make up is an Art !
  9. When looking at another girl’s make up, you can soon notice her mistakes and bad tastes (we all do it !)
  10. You are a shopaholic and you compulsively buy make up just for your own pleasure (and you secretly know that you will use some just once or twice)

What are the risks of such a beauty addiction ?

hmmm probably Happiness ? Euphoria ? Entertainment ? a better social life ? Self esteem ?

Or it could worse : You could be starting a blog and sharing all what you like with people, which would maintain this addiction !

How can you find help and heal yourself ?

There is no remedy, unfortunately for you ! You will have to accept it, so just like me, face the reality and keep doing what you like : be pretty for yourself and enjoy it !!! ūüėČ

Do you agree ? / disagree ? Do you match with any of these points ?

Let me know !



Beauty wisdom # 2

Hi everyone !

Today I wanted to share with you a beauty quote from Marilyn Monroe …

How many times I have been thinking, after shopping or doing my make up “I am so glad to be born as a girl, it must be so boring to be a boy !”

They probably have their own way to enjoy being men, but .. come on, let’s admit that : women’s stuffs are much funnier ! ūüėČ

Definitely, I am a woman and I love it !

July Favorites and discoveries

Hi everyone !

Today I am going to talk about you my favorite products and discoveries of July.

This month I have been using quite a lot of products, and I just wanted to pick up my favorite and my newest ones for that article.

  • Skin care products

I use since about 2 weeks the Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk from Topicrem, I like to try new body milks, and I use them twice a day.

Since I’ve been using a lot Korres, and Nuxe, I wanted to try another drug store brand. The texture of that one is a bit thick (it’s for sensitive and dry skin) so it takes some time to dry : with Korres and Nuxe, I could apply a normal amount of body milk, the skin absorbed it¬†very fast ! But with that one, just a little bit is enough, so I use it only once a day (at night).¬†The smell is nice : it smells a bit of baby powder.¬†I will probably buy it again in winter, because it’s a time when I prefer to use thicker creams.

I had some blemishes these past months, I wanted to find a solution to reduce the redness of my cheeks, also, I love to use everyday an anti-ageing cream for my eyes, so I bought (still in a drug store) several creams for my special needs :

The first cream is from Algotherm, it’s an anti blemish and intensive corrector that reduces redness. It’s an anti-bacterial transparent fluid (it has salicylic acid) with seaweed extracts to balance sebaceous secretions. I used it for several weeks and I still have lots of product inside.¬†It worked on me but it took time to be effective.¬†The smell may be a bit strange the first time we use it : it smells of tree, but we soon get rid of if. It’s fresh and doesn’t dry the skin. I would recommend it for people who don’t have a sever skin problem (I believe in such a case it’s much better to ask to¬†a dermatologist).

The second cream is an eye and lip anti ageing cream. It’s about a month I am using it, morning and night too. It’s a repairing cream that helps to reduce wrinkles and dark circles. This cream is made of natural¬†placenta (from the nutrients contained in plants). I use a small amount each time : the size of a rice seed for both eyes. I really like that product, it works very well on me.¬†I will definitely buy it again.

Then, I use La Roche Posay corrective unclogging care Effaclar duo + & the physiological soothing toner. It was one of my first article on that blog, I just started to use both a few weeks ago.

Well, the cream is really nice and works perfectly on the blemishes, I use it only when I have some and it definitely works well ! The toner is amazing, I am now using my second bottle and I think to buy some other bottles in advance, I like to use it everyday, it’s very refreshing and¬†leaves the skin very soft.

All of these products are paraben free, and they are suitable for very sensitive skins.

  • Make up

Most of the things here I already talked about them.

First thing I use every time I wear make up is my eye primer from Kiko. I already talked about it but I really think it’s a¬†great¬†product : the make up stays all day long !

Then, I started to use a few days ago the eyebrow palette from Make Up Revolution. I wasn’t so convinced about it when I first used it, but now I love it ! How could I wear make up all this time without this ?!

Next, I won’t review it anymore (because lately I keep talking and talking about this brand) : my Coastal Scents palette. I use it every day now and I am just loving it ! It just proves that we don’t need to buy expensive make up¬†when we can have amazing one like this ! (I also bought yesterday another palette from them, I am so impatient to receive it !)

More over, I use (not every day, but every time I change my nail lacquer) a cuticle oil from Maybeline. It’s something great, I have never thought of using one before, and I really recommend to anyone to use a product like that because it worth to try !

  • Hair care

Finally the last product : a few months ago as I bought a few stuffs on¬†Feelunique, I received a free sample from the brand Aveda. I’ve never heard of it before that¬†but I decided to give it a try and see how it works on me. I have long hair so I thought this tiny sample wouldn’t be enough for my hair length… Well, I was deeply WRONG ! I used it (seriously) about 6 or 7 times already, and I LOVE IT !! ¬†(I still have a little bit left but I don’t want to finish it soon…). The results were just incredible, my hair was¬†really soft, the curls were very well defined and I didn’t need to do anything else because just this product was enough to set my hair. I will get this product soon !!

My “score” on each product (you can also click on each product to find it online) :

♥ = nice / ♥♥ = good / ♥♥♥ = really good / ♥♥♥♥ = I Love it !

Topicrem Body Milk ♥

Algotherm ♥♥

Placentor ♥♥♥

La Roche Posay corrective unclogging care Effaclar duo + & the physiological soothing toner ♥♥♥

Kiko Eye primer ♥♥♥

Make Up Revolution eyebrows palette ♥♥♥

Coastal Scents Hot Pots ♥♥♥♥

Maybeline cuticle oil¬†‚ô•‚ô• (I am sorry, I have no idea where to buy it online, but I hope you guys can find it, or something similar…)

Aveda Style Prep “be Curly”¬†‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•


So this is all For this month’s favorites, I was really excited to do this article !

I hope you enjoyed it, do not hesitate to comment and tell me if you know and like one of these products ! I would like to know your opinions ūüôā

Bye bye ūüėČ

Beauty wisdom #1

Hi everyone !

Today I wanted to share with you  some  quotation about beauty, this one is from one of the most inspiring woman : Audrey Hepburn.

What I think about it ? Well, I think it’s true … I’ve learned lately that¬†happiness and passion are the keys for being beautiful … there is nothing more beautiful than someone who lives a life with love,¬†passions and dreams.

I wish you all tons of happiness !