Rouge Dior Andalouse VS Rouge Coco Teheran

I have 2 coral lipsticks, I love coral colours, especially for summer, it gives brightness and illuminate your face.

The first one is the Rouge Dior, colour 435 (Andalouse), and the other one is the Rouge Coco, colour 56 (Teheran).

These two lipsticks have almost the same colour, so they look the same, but if we look a bit closer, we notice that they are slightly different.

Dior Andalouse is a coral with a real orange undertone, when applied on the lips, it’s creamy and shiny, it’s also smooth and moisturises the lips.

Chanel Teheran is a coral with a pink undertone, we can not notice it if we just use that one, I realized it when I got Dior’s lipstick. Chanel Coco is satiny. It says it’s a creamy lipstick but unfortunately it dries my lips a bit so I definitely must use it with a lip balm (and sometimes a bit of another lipgloss to add more moisture).

Both lipstick look really pretty and they are great when we want to have a more neutral and soft look.

Up : Rouge Dior (Andalouse) Down : Rouge Coco (Téhéran)

Which one do you prefer ?