Coastal Scents Haul #2

Hi everyone !

Today I wanted to talk about my newest palette from Coastal Scents !

Actually I received it about 2 weeks ago but I didn’t have time to even make a quick review about it. Mea Culpa !

Once again, I bought the interchangeable palette for 12 hot pots. I didn’t wanted to buy only grey or nude shades, this time wanted to have brighter colours.

Still with the palette, I received as a free gift a palette sampler of 4 colours from the “Revealed 2” palette.

Here are the Hot Pots I bought (you can click on the link to check them on Coastal Scents website) :

  1. Canyon Coral
  2. Chocolate Berry
  3. Deep Merlot
  4. Elven Midnight
  5. Fleshtone
  6. Frosty Taupe
  7. Kodiak
  8. Nude
  9. Peach
  10. Redstone
  11. Watermelon
  12. Elven Gold

I love these colours, they are just gorgeous !

As you can see, some colours are really sheer (the Nude and the Elven Gold), but I like them.

I have been using a lot Chocolate Berry, Deep Merlot, Fleshtone and Elven Midnight, I think it’s great for a casual look.

You guys already know my love for Coastal Scents, I can’t stop saying how much I love any of their hot pots !

What do you think about it ?

Have a nice day !



Coastal Scents make up

Hi everyone !

I hope you are all doing well ?

As I wrote on my post yesterday, I received new eyeshadows from Coastal Scents, and I was really impatient to try them on.

Today I want to show you my first attempt with 4 colours. I have to say that I didn’t want to wear dark colours on my face, I wanted to have a more neutral look.

Do not hesitate to tell me what you think about it in the comments below, I would appreciate to know your opinion 🙂

The colours I used and how I applied them :

  1. Vanilla Sky :  from lash line to brow bone
  2. Bazaar : all over the lid
  3. Cherry Moss : on the crease
  4. Gunpowder : just as a liner

I really enjoyed trying these new colours, I wear this make up since 8 hours already and it doesn’t move so I am very satisfied !

Do you like it ? What do you think about it ?

Have a nice day !


Coastal Scents haul

Hello everyone !

Today I am super happy, and guess why ?

Because I’ve just received my order from Coastal Scents !

I live in France so I was a bit wondering whether it would take time to receive it or not, but I am happily surprised : it just took like a week and a half. I am also glad because they packed everything very well !

So what did I buy ?

An interchangeable palette for 12 pieces and 12 Hot Pots. The palette has built-in magnets so the Hot Pot are magnetized. There is also a full size mirror. This palette is quite hard so the eye shadows won’t break easily.

You can find the palette here

I also got a free gift : a palette sampler of 4 colours from the “Revealed 2” palette.

This is when I opened the box :

I ❤ makeup !!!

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And there is how it looks like when it’s all set :

The Hot Pot’s colours I’ve chosen are the following ones (from left to right on the picture) you can click on the links to have a direct access to the shadows on Coastal Scents :

On Coastal Scents, there are over 300 Hot Pots so it was really hard to make a choice, but I have mostly chosen neutral and grey shades.

The empty palette cost 5.95$ and each Hot Pot cost 1.95$ so I will definitely buy more eye shadows !

As you can imagine, I am so excited to have it and I can’t wait to try it and make a review.

Do you have any of these ? What do you think about it ?

Have a great week 🙂

Selection of electric palettes

Today I was looking on Internet the Electric palette from Urban Decay, I wanted to see some reviews about it, how it looks like and how people can wear it …

I finally started to look for different brands too, I think it’s really interesting to see how much they are similar,  so  I wanted to share with you what I’ve found …  (you can click on the pictures to have a direct access to the shops)

Milani – Runway Eyes


Make Up Revolution – Acid brights


Sleek – i-Divine in Acid


As you can see, the Make Up Revolution and the Sleek palettes are almost the same !


Mua – 12 Shade Poptastic Palette


Coastal Scents – Creative Me #1 palette


Technic – Electric Eye Bright

I think it worth to try them (some are really cheap) !

Do you have one of these ? What do you think about them ?

Kiko review

Lately, Kiko has become the brand I buy the most, I really love it,  it’s cheap and the quality is amazing.

I started to use Kiko since last year, and now each day I have in my cosmetic routine “at least” one product I use from them, such as the eye primer. I wonder how did I survive before without it ? This one is so amazing ! I just can’t imagine not using this any more… It dries fast but the eye shadows stay all day and it really enhances the colours. I love it !

Few months ago I went to a Kiko store and I bought the palette n°100 : Color Fever, Rosy Taupe, it’s a limited collection with 4 eye shadows (a white, grey, taupe and a dark brown, the colours have a pink tone). A friend of mine had it and I wanted to have it so badly, luckily I could find it again.


I also use other eye shadows from Kiko, the n°132 “Pearly Bronze” and the n°139 “Pearly Salmon” . I wanted to have them because sometimes I need to have a soft look.

from left to right : “pearly salmon” & “pearly bronze”

And finally, I got the Water eye shadow n°208 “light gold”.

As you can see, each of these eye shadows are shimmery and they are really pigmented, I think the quality is really good. Besides that, they are long lasting and easy to blend.

I also Wanted to try their lipstick and lip glosses, I got a Crystal Sheer Glossy lipstick (the n° 412 “Apple flower pink”) and a Breezy Shine lip gloss (the n°2 “Strawberry Pink”).

They don’t dry the lips and they have great colours, I think I will by some more to check other colours.

About the accessories,  I have 2 brushes, one blending eye brush (the n°213) and an eye liner brush (the n°204), they are great and I use them everyday, after that I use  a brush cleanser, it’s a no-rinse cleanser so I can clean my brushes very quickly.

Then I wanted to try the nail polish corrector pen, which is good but I think I will probably try another one, I am not so fond of it.

And finally ! My only Kiko nail polish is a coral colour (I am not sure exactly which one is) but I like it, such a great colour for summer !

As you can see, I really like Kiko !

What about you ? Do you have any Kiko product ? What’s your favourite one ?