Make Up revolution Haul

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received my first order from Make up Revolution. I was very impatient to receive it, I have been hearing about that brand for a long time already and I decided it was time for me to try some of their products.

This brand is so cheap and they have so many nice things, I wanted to buy so much, and I took really lots of time to decide what to choose. I finally made up my mind and selected (only!) 2 products : the “Focus & Fix eyebrow shaping kit” (light medium) and a “Vivid Baked Blush” (colour “Love me the Best”).

I have found this eyebrow kit which is sold in a box with a mirror, tweezers and a tiny eyebrow brush.

I have very thin eyebrows, I started to depilate them at the age of 15 and I kept them really thin until 2 or 3 years ago, when I realized it was time to let them grow and become thicker. I even bought an eyebrow pencil at that time, but I didn’t like to use it because the colour didn’t really fit me,  so when I tried this one today from Make Up Revolution, I was happy to see that it changes completely my eyes.

There is a dark brown on the palette and a light brown, I wear now the light one, it looks pretty natural I think.

Then I bought the baked blush, the colour is very pigmented and shimmery. It’s a mix of pink and coral. It looks really colourful but when we blend it it looks natural.

I think I will try to get more products from Make Up Revolution, as the quality is really nice and the price is really low, maybe I will get some of their lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes ?

What do you think about these products ?

Have a nice day !