Summer fragrance

I have several perfumes, I love them (I will talk about them on another post) but in summer, I cannot really wear perfume. With the heat, the smell is way too strong, so it makes me feel dizzy a little bit.

This year, I’ve decided to try some “eau fraiche” (litterally : fresh water), because I really love to have some different smell on my skin than the smell of the body milk.

I have found some good one  from Laino (it’s a drug store brand) : ” l’ Eau divine par nature ” .

The smell is good and it’s very refreshing after the shower. It’s really not strong but it’s not a sweet or floral smell either, just fresh 😉

You can find it here (they sell it with a body milk).

Do you use any special fragrance for summer or do you use your normal perfume ?