Honey, honey, honey

Honey has many powerful benefits on our skin :  it’s a great antibacterial and it’s an amazing wound healer, I Like to use it sometimes on my skin care.

I have a very sensitive skin, I don’t have any acne or severe problems but I have some blemishes or allergies if I use some cosmetics.

Honey, I love you

(credit photo : Claudia – Cosi)

I like to do once in a while a face scrub (not too often). The only way to have a good  face scrub, without any fear AT ALL of getting blemishes, is to make my own, with honey and sugar. I try it once in a while and the result is incredible.

I do it at night, so that the cells can regenerate while I sleep, then I can see big changes when I wake up the next day : the skin is more soft and the blemishes almost disappear (no cream or treatment is good enough compared with honey). Also this scrub helps to remove almost all the black spots.

It’s really easy to make it, also economical because honey and sugar are not expensive.

What you need is just to mix a table spoon of honey, with a tea spoon of sugar,  but don’t use water ! (the sugar melts).  You can use it also all over your body. Make sure that you have enough honey and sugar.

You can even use the honey as a face mask : leave it 5 minutes on your skin then rinse.

Another way I use honey is not as a skin care, but as a hair treatment : I mix it with olive oil and I leave it about 30 minutes on the tips of my hair before shampooing. It’s a good combination because it will bring you softness and shinning.

Well, as you can see, there are many ways to use honey, the most important thing is to know that it will be only good to you no matter how you want to use it on for your beauty 😉