Coastal Scents haul

Hello everyone !

Today I am super happy, and guess why ?

Because I’ve just received my order from Coastal Scents !

I live in France so I was a bit wondering whether it would take time to receive it or not, but I am happily surprised : it just took like a week and a half. I am also glad because they packed everything very well !

So what did I buy ?

An interchangeable palette for 12 pieces and 12 Hot Pots. The palette has built-in magnets so the Hot Pot are magnetized. There is also a full size mirror. This palette is quite hard so the eye shadows won’t break easily.

You can find the palette here

I also got a free gift : a palette sampler of 4 colours from the “Revealed 2” palette.

This is when I opened the box :

I ❤ makeup !!!

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And there is how it looks like when it’s all set :

The Hot Pot’s colours I’ve chosen are the following ones (from left to right on the picture) you can click on the links to have a direct access to the shadows on Coastal Scents :

On Coastal Scents, there are over 300 Hot Pots so it was really hard to make a choice, but I have mostly chosen neutral and grey shades.

The empty palette cost 5.95$ and each Hot Pot cost 1.95$ so I will definitely buy more eye shadows !

As you can imagine, I am so excited to have it and I can’t wait to try it and make a review.

Do you have any of these ? What do you think about it ?

Have a great week 🙂