One day one look

Hi everyone,

I wanted to show you my make up for today.

I will make special articles about each product I used but later if you don’t mind, because I think they really deserve to have their own reviews.

Taking all of these pictures was quite funny, I really took lots of time to do both make up and self-shooting 😉 But it was fun and a nice new great challenge for that blog.

So here is how I did my make up today.

I started with an eye primer, from Kiko, and the Eraser Dark Circles from Maybelline.

I applied then my foundation. I use now the Double Wear (sand) from Estée Lauder, and my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder from MAC (medium plus). I apply them generously all over my face, even my lips and nose (that’s why my lips look so white on some pictures ! ).

I also used my concealer palette from Peggy Sage, to hide some blemishes I have on my face.

After that I applied a bronzing powder on my eye bones and cheeks, the Dream Terra Sun from Maybelline (01S Leopard) and then my cream blush from Revlon.

After my face, I did my eyebrows with my shaping kit from Make Up Revolution, and then my eye shadows, still from Coastal Scents (of course). This time I used 4 shades from my new palette : Fleshtone, Deep Merlot, Chocolate Berry and Watermelon. I used my mascara from Lord & Berry and the final touch : my mini lipstick Rouge Eclat from Clarins (woodrose).

We can not really see the red colour on my eyes, I blend it with the brown colour so we can not notice it very well …

DSC_0068 (2)-3

What do you think about it ?

I hope you like it !



July Favorites and discoveries

Hi everyone !

Today I am going to talk about you my favorite products and discoveries of July.

This month I have been using quite a lot of products, and I just wanted to pick up my favorite and my newest ones for that article.

  • Skin care products

I use since about 2 weeks the Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk from Topicrem, I like to try new body milks, and I use them twice a day.

Since I’ve been using a lot Korres, and Nuxe, I wanted to try another drug store brand. The texture of that one is a bit thick (it’s for sensitive and dry skin) so it takes some time to dry : with Korres and Nuxe, I could apply a normal amount of body milk, the skin absorbed it very fast ! But with that one, just a little bit is enough, so I use it only once a day (at night). The smell is nice : it smells a bit of baby powder. I will probably buy it again in winter, because it’s a time when I prefer to use thicker creams.

I had some blemishes these past months, I wanted to find a solution to reduce the redness of my cheeks, also, I love to use everyday an anti-ageing cream for my eyes, so I bought (still in a drug store) several creams for my special needs :

The first cream is from Algotherm, it’s an anti blemish and intensive corrector that reduces redness. It’s an anti-bacterial transparent fluid (it has salicylic acid) with seaweed extracts to balance sebaceous secretions. I used it for several weeks and I still have lots of product inside. It worked on me but it took time to be effective. The smell may be a bit strange the first time we use it : it smells of tree, but we soon get rid of if. It’s fresh and doesn’t dry the skin. I would recommend it for people who don’t have a sever skin problem (I believe in such a case it’s much better to ask to a dermatologist).

The second cream is an eye and lip anti ageing cream. It’s about a month I am using it, morning and night too. It’s a repairing cream that helps to reduce wrinkles and dark circles. This cream is made of natural placenta (from the nutrients contained in plants). I use a small amount each time : the size of a rice seed for both eyes. I really like that product, it works very well on me. I will definitely buy it again.

Then, I use La Roche Posay corrective unclogging care Effaclar duo + & the physiological soothing toner. It was one of my first article on that blog, I just started to use both a few weeks ago.

Well, the cream is really nice and works perfectly on the blemishes, I use it only when I have some and it definitely works well ! The toner is amazing, I am now using my second bottle and I think to buy some other bottles in advance, I like to use it everyday, it’s very refreshing and leaves the skin very soft.

All of these products are paraben free, and they are suitable for very sensitive skins.

  • Make up

Most of the things here I already talked about them.

First thing I use every time I wear make up is my eye primer from Kiko. I already talked about it but I really think it’s a great product : the make up stays all day long !

Then, I started to use a few days ago the eyebrow palette from Make Up Revolution. I wasn’t so convinced about it when I first used it, but now I love it ! How could I wear make up all this time without this ?!

Next, I won’t review it anymore (because lately I keep talking and talking about this brand) : my Coastal Scents palette. I use it every day now and I am just loving it ! It just proves that we don’t need to buy expensive make up when we can have amazing one like this ! (I also bought yesterday another palette from them, I am so impatient to receive it !)

More over, I use (not every day, but every time I change my nail lacquer) a cuticle oil from Maybeline. It’s something great, I have never thought of using one before, and I really recommend to anyone to use a product like that because it worth to try !

  • Hair care

Finally the last product : a few months ago as I bought a few stuffs on Feelunique, I received a free sample from the brand Aveda. I’ve never heard of it before that but I decided to give it a try and see how it works on me. I have long hair so I thought this tiny sample wouldn’t be enough for my hair length… Well, I was deeply WRONG ! I used it (seriously) about 6 or 7 times already, and I LOVE IT !!  (I still have a little bit left but I don’t want to finish it soon…). The results were just incredible, my hair was really soft, the curls were very well defined and I didn’t need to do anything else because just this product was enough to set my hair. I will get this product soon !!

My “score” on each product (you can also click on each product to find it online) :

♥ = nice / ♥♥ = good / ♥♥♥ = really good / ♥♥♥♥ = I Love it !

Topicrem Body Milk ♥

Algotherm ♥♥

Placentor ♥♥♥

La Roche Posay corrective unclogging care Effaclar duo + & the physiological soothing toner ♥♥♥

Kiko Eye primer ♥♥♥

Make Up Revolution eyebrows palette ♥♥♥

Coastal Scents Hot Pots ♥♥♥♥

Maybeline cuticle oil ♥♥ (I am sorry, I have no idea where to buy it online, but I hope you guys can find it, or something similar…)

Aveda Style Prep “be Curly” ♥♥♥♥


So this is all For this month’s favorites, I was really excited to do this article !

I hope you enjoyed it, do not hesitate to comment and tell me if you know and like one of these products ! I would like to know your opinions 🙂

Bye bye 😉

Make Up revolution Haul

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received my first order from Make up Revolution. I was very impatient to receive it, I have been hearing about that brand for a long time already and I decided it was time for me to try some of their products.

This brand is so cheap and they have so many nice things, I wanted to buy so much, and I took really lots of time to decide what to choose. I finally made up my mind and selected (only!) 2 products : the “Focus & Fix eyebrow shaping kit” (light medium) and a “Vivid Baked Blush” (colour “Love me the Best”).

I have found this eyebrow kit which is sold in a box with a mirror, tweezers and a tiny eyebrow brush.

I have very thin eyebrows, I started to depilate them at the age of 15 and I kept them really thin until 2 or 3 years ago, when I realized it was time to let them grow and become thicker. I even bought an eyebrow pencil at that time, but I didn’t like to use it because the colour didn’t really fit me,  so when I tried this one today from Make Up Revolution, I was happy to see that it changes completely my eyes.

There is a dark brown on the palette and a light brown, I wear now the light one, it looks pretty natural I think.

Then I bought the baked blush, the colour is very pigmented and shimmery. It’s a mix of pink and coral. It looks really colourful but when we blend it it looks natural.

I think I will try to get more products from Make Up Revolution, as the quality is really nice and the price is really low, maybe I will get some of their lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes ?

What do you think about these products ?

Have a nice day !

Selection of electric palettes

Today I was looking on Internet the Electric palette from Urban Decay, I wanted to see some reviews about it, how it looks like and how people can wear it …

I finally started to look for different brands too, I think it’s really interesting to see how much they are similar,  so  I wanted to share with you what I’ve found …  (you can click on the pictures to have a direct access to the shops)

Milani – Runway Eyes


Make Up Revolution – Acid brights


Sleek – i-Divine in Acid


As you can see, the Make Up Revolution and the Sleek palettes are almost the same !


Mua – 12 Shade Poptastic Palette


Coastal Scents – Creative Me #1 palette


Technic – Electric Eye Bright

I think it worth to try them (some are really cheap) !

Do you have one of these ? What do you think about them ?