Where to buy make up and cosmetics

Lately, I almost don’t  buy my beauty products on stores directly. I buy mostly on internet with different websites. I think it’s fast and I can get access to many products directly from my home (did I ever said how much I love technology ? 😉 ).

I know most of the links I will share with you today are really famous, so it’s not something new I am showing, but I just thought it would be nice to tell you where I buy my stuffs.

  • Feelunique

I love to buy on Feelunique, I think they have daily great offers and it just makes me want to buy so much ! The only “problem” is that we have to spend at least 15 euros to get the free shipping (but we all know how easy it is to go over that limit…) and some products are not available in some countries. Besides that, this website is my favourite one !

  • Lookfantastic

It’s almost the same principle with Feelunique, it also has great offers and free shipping (with no limit at all !) I bought a few times with them, their service is  very professional !

  • Amazon

It covers a large range of cosmetics, and it can sometimes be cheaper to buy there than buying on other websites. I buy on Amazon when I don’t know where to buy some things and when I can only find them there…

Sans titre8

  • Asos

This website isn’t great only for make up, but for almost anything you need ! I like it !! I haven’t bought lots there but they have great prices and discounts.

  • Rakuten

I buy all my Japanese cosmetics on that website. So far I haven’t found any other website to buy everything I need. I love Japanese skin cares and it’s really hard to find exactly what I want. The only problem with that website is that the shipping fees are quite expensive (especially most of the sellers use EMS post service).  But well, the service is really good and we receive our orders really fast !

I admit sometimes it’s hard to resist and buy nothing at all … I feel I should be a bit more reasonable but it’s for a good reason isn’t it ? Beauty should never be seen as a waste of time and money but should be seen instead as a good investment for self-happiness 😉

What about you ? What’s your favourite online store ?