September Favorites & Discoveries

Hi everyone !

I am a bit late to make this article, but well, it is not going to be wasted if I do it now 😉

This month I don’t have lots of products to show you but still there are a few !

  • Skin Care

It took me time to finish my Topicrem body milk, I talked about it in this article, and I am currently using this new one from Uriage. This one is a moisturizing and nourishing creamy body milk. It’s not so heavy and there is almost no smell.

I really like it, it leaves my skin so soft all day long.

  • Make up

★ Lips ★

As a discovery in this make up section, I want to talk about Maybelline Color Elixir n°710 (Rose Redefined), I have seen many advertisements about it, and I was really happy when I bought it. Well, I have to say that the smell is really nice, and it’s very moisturizing my lips … but the color isn’t so pigmented and it looks almost sheer when I apply it. It’s a good product but I may probably buy another color.

I also wanted lately to have more pink lip sticks/lip balms, and I love these lacquer balms from Revlon, I bought the Colorbust lacquer balm n°120 (vivacious), it is so pigmented, long stay and don’t let your lips dry.

Finally, I bought a lip gloss from Rimmel, I think I use it almost every day since 3 weeks now, it’s cheap and the quality is great ! It makes my lips shiny. I am loving it !

★ Face ★

Oh I am in love ! yes I am ! this blusher from W7 is so amazing ! (yes, it’s a dupe from Benefit) It’s really cheap but the quality is great ! It gives a nice glow to the cheeks with just a little bit of shimmering. It’s a coral tone so it’s warm but once I apply it with a powder brush, it looks natural.

It’s a blusher but I use it to highlight my cheeks, before applying my cream blush.

  • Accessory

DSC_0070 (2)-3

Finally, my last purchase of September was this retractable lip brush from Real Techniques. I think I want to have all their brushes ! I love them so much ! This lip brush is great and does its job perfectly !

My “score” on each product (you can also click on each product to find it online) :

♥ = nice / ♥♥ = good / ♥♥♥ = really good / ♥♥♥♥ = I Love it !

Uriage Body Milk ♥♥♥

Maybelline Color Elixir ♥♥

Revlon Colorbust lacquer balm ♥♥♥

Rimmel Vinyl lipgloss ♥♥♥♥

W7 Honey Queen Bronzer ♥♥♥♥

Real Techniques retractable lip brush ♥♥♥

Do you have any of these products ? What do you think about them ? Let me know !



August Favorites and discoveries

Hi everyone !

Today is a special day and : is the day I can talk about my favorite products and discoveries of the month !

During August, I haven’t used or bought many skin care products, it was essentially make up, but I am really happy to share it with you now 🙂

  • Skin Care products

Once a week I love to take a full care of myself. I really appreciate this moment because I really take a lots of time just for my body.

Once a week I do a body scrub. I have tried many and a few weeks ago I started to use the Birch body scrub from Weleda. This body scrub is really gentle so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin. The smell is like citrus, so it’s not strong. It feels refreshed after the exfoliation.

Late in In July, I had an appointment with my dermatologist. She told me to use a sunblock for my face whenever I go out, because I have a fair skin and some rosacea and I have a special treatment for that, so I must be really careful when I go out. She told me to buy this sunblock from Noreva : it’s a 50+ protection. I really like it because I don’t get any blemishes when I use it, it’s a bit thick though but it’s not hard to remove.

  • Make up

I wanted to buy a new foundation for a long time, I have been using BB creams for over a year and I started to feel the need to change. I have been asking many samples from many brands, and after trying the Double Wear foundation from Estée Lauder, I deeply fell in love with it ! I keep using it since 3 weeks now and that product is just amazing. It covers most of the blemishes and the result looks so natural. I thought it would dry my skin but no, I feel comfortable, like I don’t wear anything. It also has a SPF10, so combined with my sunblock I can protect my skin quite well from the sun.

Let me tell you something : I’ve always been this kind of “simple” girl who thought I would never use any powder/blush/bronzer/etc…  on my face because I wanted to look natural. Well, that was before!

I bought this amazing powder from MAC and I use it after my foundation (every single day !). Just wow ! It can definitely make your skin looks unified and bright.  (I use the medium plus) The powder is light, and after I apply it, I don’t feel cakey on my face. I love it !

I don’t have lots of dark circles under my eyes, but I have a very thin skin, and we can see clearly my veins. So I wanted to hide them a little bit and I have found that many youtubers and bloggers use that product. I really like it, it does its job very well, and helps to unify the skin as well.

This is my new concealer palette from Peggy Sage. It has 5 shades to hide the imperfections. I think it works very well on me and it hides some of my blemishes I have due to rosacea.

One other thing I thought I would never have to use in my entire life, a bronzing powder ! One reason was because I was scared to have spots or blemishes… Well, I could find that one in a retail store and I was really glad to get it ! It’s bright but not shimmer. I love the smell, it smells like a soap and the texture is also very light. It doesn’t look orange on my skin, but it gives a nice healthy glow to my cheeks. I like it !

This blush was the subject of one of my previous article, so if you haven’t red it yet, I invite you to get a look because I talk about it in a better detail. I love that blush ! It’s the very first cream blush I have ever tried and it changed so much my make up routine that I love even more wearing make up !

After I have tried the cream blush from Revlon, I was so interested in these kind of blushes so I decided to try the High Definition blush from Make Up For Ever. This is the colour 225 “Peachy Pink”, it’s more creamy than the Revlon’s one but it’s also an amazing blush, very easy to apply (with a brush). I also love it very much and I use it also often. There are many other shades and I think I will buy the coral one next time.

Here you can see the differences between both blushes : the revlon blush is the upper line, it’s really a coral tone, and the Make Up For Ever is the one below. which is more soft and clear. Both are really easy to blend.

This is a contour eye pencil from Sephora. It’s a waterproof long stay liner. The liner is easy to apply, I have a khaki colour, the n° 17 : Snakeskin Dress. I used it several times and I love it !

This is probably not a favorite but mostly a discovery : it’s a long lasting stick from Kiko. It is used as an eyeshadow.

I am not really good at applying it. I love the taupe colour though. I think I need to try applying it again.

This is the Revlon Colourbust lacquer balm. This is the colour n°105, a sheer pink. I like it because it moisturises the lips and adds a bit of shimmer. It also smells to mint, which is quite interesting and not bad at all. I think I want to try other colours !

On that picture you can see the Sephora liner, the Kiko liner and the Revlon lacquer balm.

A surprise ? I guess it’s not and I bet you already knew I would talk about my new palette from Coastal Scents. I won’t get tired of saying again how much I love these eye shadows !

I did a review about it, you can read it here if you want !

  • Accessories

And finally, I wanted to talk about my Real Techniques’ brushes. I really love them and I already bought online a stippling brush and a retractable lip brush still from real Techniques. They just make my make up routine a very pleasant moment.

I also did an article about these brushes, you can read it here.

My “score” on each product (you can also click on each product to find it online) :

♥ = nice / ♥♥ = good / ♥♥♥ = really good / ♥♥♥♥ = I Love it !

Weleda Body Scrub ♥♥

Noreva Noresun Gradual UV SPF 50+ ♥♥

Estée Lauder Double Wear ♥♥♥♥

M.A.C.  Mineralize Skinfinish Natural ♥♥♥♥

Maybelline Eraser Dark Circles ♥♥♥

Peggy Sage concealer palette ♥♥♥

Maybelline Dream Terra Sun ♥♥♥

Revlon Photoready cream Blush ♥♥♥♥

Make Up For Ever HD Blush ♥♥♥♥

Sephora contour eye pencil ♥♥♥

Kiko long lasting stick ♥

Revlon Colourburst lacquer balm ♥♥♥

Coastal Scents Hot Pots ♥♥♥♥

Real Techniques – Sam’s Picks ♥♥♥♥

Thank you for reading this very long article, I hope you liked it, do not hesitate to comment and tell me if you have tried some of these products and what do you think about them ! I would be glad to know your opinion 🙂

See you !

Real Techniques – Sam’s Picks

About a week ago, I received the brushes set “Sam’s Picks” from Real Techniques !

I always used simple brushes before, even for my foundation, I never had great brushes, and some of my friends told me many times how great Real Techniques brushes are.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I bought them, I was so impatient to get my own set and start my make up with new tools !

First of all, I have to say that I washed them before trying them. I don’t really like to use brushes if they are not clean (I know, it’s hard to be born as a cleaning freak, but I can’t help it) 😉

I have been trying almost all of them and I can tell you something : these brushes are just amazing ! They are so soft, so I believe even sensitive skins can use them without fears.

I may say these brushes aren’t made for specific uses, we can use each of them the way we prefer …

So, here is how I use my brushes …

This multi task brush is a big fluffy brush, I use it mostly for applying my blush.


This setting brush is used to complete any look, I use it when I apply some highlighter on my cheekbones.


This buffing brush is used to apply powder or mineral foundation, but I use it with my liquid foundation, the result is great and it looks so natural that people don’t even realize I wear foundation !

This brush should be used for liquid foundation, but for me it’s really too small, so I prefer using it for applying my concealer which is much easier.


The essential crease brush is a soft eye brush for easy contouring. I love it, it’s just so simple to work with any eye shadow.

And finally the fine liner brush ! This brush is really thin, I haven’t used it yet (I don’t wear eye liners these days at all !) but I think it’s great for a precise application.


I am still new with these brushes, I think I need more different kinds of make up to try them and give them a real appreciation. But for now I am more than happy with them and I think I will try to buy some other brushes (like the stippling brush and the kabuki one).

I think it’s a great investment and it positively can change your make up routine !

You can get that set on Lookfantastic and add the discount code SIZZLE15 to get 15% off when you checkout (this discount is valid across the site and until the 26th of August).

Do you have this brush set ? What do you think about it ?