Living with rosacea and couperose

Hi everyone,

Everything is in the title : Yes, I have rosacea and couperose.

What is hidden under these medical terms ?

These are skin conditions which are not harmful, not contagious. It brings some redness on the cheeks, and visible tiny blood vessels too.

At the beginning, I thought I caught an allergy due to some cosmetics and creams. I went to a dermatologist and she told me what I had.

It can be caused by many factors : exposure to the sun, alcohol, spicy foods, coffee, tobacco… and there are so many reasons we can add to this : a lack of sleep, hormones disorder, stress, a sudden change of température, etc…


Gaspar Camps

Of course, it’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror each day and see your face in such shape… It didn’t help me feel confident, especially because I was relatively young : 26 years old. It usually happens when we get old…

I’ve tried several treatments, including the Mirvaso cream. I have to say that this cream has spectacular effects on a very short-term : after a few minutes, the skin looks like a baby’s skin. But this is just temporary and after a few hours the skin becomes red again. It has a few side-effects, and after a while, my dermatologist said I shouldn’t use it every day. So I decided to stop using it, and instead, I use products for sensitive skin.

I’ve learned to accept this condition, just as I accepted all the body changes I had to go through. And now, I embrace it. It may sounds crazy but this is a part of me. And just like me, my emotions, my skin reacts also in its way.

The good thing is that I can wear make-up, because this is not related to any allergy !

During these past years, I’ve tried to look the more natural possible. Trying to find the best foundation, mineral powders and blushes etc…  that could suit me and lower the redness.

Japanese character : Kumamon


Rosacea gives you a pink tone, it’s better to find make-up with a yellow undertone. It lowers the “tomato-cheeks” effect, and gives you a natural look.

I’ve tried several foundations, and here are 3 that I recommend for people with rosacea and/or couperose :

1- Estee Lauder – Double Wear – Sand

My first love. It feels comfortable when you wear it, it hides all the blemishes perfectly.

2- Revlon – Colorstay

It’s a gift I received for Christmas, I finished it a few days ago, it’s good, hides well and doesn’t melt at the end of the day. I think it’s a good compromise, if we want to find something cheap and with a great quality.

3- Make Up For Ever – Mat Velvet –  Porcelain

This one, I am still testing it, but from what I see, it’s great. It looks so natural, the texture is more dense than the two other foundations but it’s easy to apply,

Then, I use any kind of mineral powder (I avoid the ones with perfume). But for the blush, I use mostly orange/coral blushes,  to diminish the pink color on the cheeks due to rosacea.

I know I am not the only one living with rosacea, but I thought it would help others to understand this condition. I know it’s hard to talk about it or even show it to others. But it’s not something we should be ashamed of.

Instead of turning it into something negative, I’ve been thinking about it as an opportunity : I can take care of myself better than anyone else, and I can share this experience with others, who also suffer from it.

If you also want to share your experience about it, or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment !



I love Kose

When I stayed in Japan, I discovered many products and cosmetics. I’ve tried a lot and I found one brand I really love, I am talking about Kose.

Why I love this brand ? because I’ve already tried many of their products and they all are amazing. Both for the hair, face and body. I want to give you a quick look at what I am using now.

Kose Pure lip balm : I have told you about this lip balm in this article I love it because it’s smooth and it has a UV protection SPF17, perfect for summer!

Deep Cleansing oil : it was my first cleansing oil I have tried and I fell in love with it! It smells to orange, it removes the make up perfectly and one good thing about this : my eyes don’t become itchy after I use it. If you want to try a good cleansing oil, I really recommend you to try this one you won’t be disappointed.

After I cleanse my face, I take a shower and use a face wash. Kose has amazing face washes that seriously leaves the skin so refreshed and soft. These face washes are great even for sensitive skins I think.

Kose Softymo cleansing face wash with Collagen : (the blue tube) while it cleanses the face, it also moisturises the skin.

Kose Softymo Mineral Wash : it is said it has many different minerals inside. The smell is amazing.

I love these products really so much !! They are the greatest face washes that  have ever had!

Kose Q10 Vital Age : I have a pretty sensitive skin, I can’t use any cosmetic I want because I fear to have allergies. I use Kose Q10 Vital Age since maybe 3 years now and it became my favorite skin care. They have a range of Lotion, emulsion and cream (now I don’t use the cream any more) which is incredible ! These products moisturise just perfectly the skin, leaving it so soft. I have tried other lotions and toners from different Japanese brands already, but my first choice always remains this one. I take at least 6 months before I completely finish these products (a very small amount is enough to recover the whole face).

Salon Style Shower Treatment : I finally use the hair styling spray. It has also a UV protector SPF and helps to reduce damages. I mostly use it in summer, to protect my hair from the sun. It’s really nice and I think when I will finish that spray I will buy the same one again!

As you can see, I really love Kose. They are not so expensive on Rakuten Website, you can find them all, but the shipping cost is quite high… But I think it really worth to have them!

Kose Lip Balm

Deep Cleansing oil

Kose Softymo cleansing face wash with Collagen

Kose Softymo Mineral Wash

Kose Vital Age Q10 lotion

Kose Vital Age Q10 Emulsion

Salon Style Hair Shower Treatment

Have you ever heard about this brand before ? Do you like it ?

See you  !


July Favorites and discoveries

Hi everyone !

Today I am going to talk about you my favorite products and discoveries of July.

This month I have been using quite a lot of products, and I just wanted to pick up my favorite and my newest ones for that article.

  • Skin care products

I use since about 2 weeks the Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk from Topicrem, I like to try new body milks, and I use them twice a day.

Since I’ve been using a lot Korres, and Nuxe, I wanted to try another drug store brand. The texture of that one is a bit thick (it’s for sensitive and dry skin) so it takes some time to dry : with Korres and Nuxe, I could apply a normal amount of body milk, the skin absorbed it very fast ! But with that one, just a little bit is enough, so I use it only once a day (at night). The smell is nice : it smells a bit of baby powder. I will probably buy it again in winter, because it’s a time when I prefer to use thicker creams.

I had some blemishes these past months, I wanted to find a solution to reduce the redness of my cheeks, also, I love to use everyday an anti-ageing cream for my eyes, so I bought (still in a drug store) several creams for my special needs :

The first cream is from Algotherm, it’s an anti blemish and intensive corrector that reduces redness. It’s an anti-bacterial transparent fluid (it has salicylic acid) with seaweed extracts to balance sebaceous secretions. I used it for several weeks and I still have lots of product inside. It worked on me but it took time to be effective. The smell may be a bit strange the first time we use it : it smells of tree, but we soon get rid of if. It’s fresh and doesn’t dry the skin. I would recommend it for people who don’t have a sever skin problem (I believe in such a case it’s much better to ask to a dermatologist).

The second cream is an eye and lip anti ageing cream. It’s about a month I am using it, morning and night too. It’s a repairing cream that helps to reduce wrinkles and dark circles. This cream is made of natural placenta (from the nutrients contained in plants). I use a small amount each time : the size of a rice seed for both eyes. I really like that product, it works very well on me. I will definitely buy it again.

Then, I use La Roche Posay corrective unclogging care Effaclar duo + & the physiological soothing toner. It was one of my first article on that blog, I just started to use both a few weeks ago.

Well, the cream is really nice and works perfectly on the blemishes, I use it only when I have some and it definitely works well ! The toner is amazing, I am now using my second bottle and I think to buy some other bottles in advance, I like to use it everyday, it’s very refreshing and leaves the skin very soft.

All of these products are paraben free, and they are suitable for very sensitive skins.

  • Make up

Most of the things here I already talked about them.

First thing I use every time I wear make up is my eye primer from Kiko. I already talked about it but I really think it’s a great product : the make up stays all day long !

Then, I started to use a few days ago the eyebrow palette from Make Up Revolution. I wasn’t so convinced about it when I first used it, but now I love it ! How could I wear make up all this time without this ?!

Next, I won’t review it anymore (because lately I keep talking and talking about this brand) : my Coastal Scents palette. I use it every day now and I am just loving it ! It just proves that we don’t need to buy expensive make up when we can have amazing one like this ! (I also bought yesterday another palette from them, I am so impatient to receive it !)

More over, I use (not every day, but every time I change my nail lacquer) a cuticle oil from Maybeline. It’s something great, I have never thought of using one before, and I really recommend to anyone to use a product like that because it worth to try !

  • Hair care

Finally the last product : a few months ago as I bought a few stuffs on Feelunique, I received a free sample from the brand Aveda. I’ve never heard of it before that but I decided to give it a try and see how it works on me. I have long hair so I thought this tiny sample wouldn’t be enough for my hair length… Well, I was deeply WRONG ! I used it (seriously) about 6 or 7 times already, and I LOVE IT !!  (I still have a little bit left but I don’t want to finish it soon…). The results were just incredible, my hair was really soft, the curls were very well defined and I didn’t need to do anything else because just this product was enough to set my hair. I will get this product soon !!

My “score” on each product (you can also click on each product to find it online) :

♥ = nice / ♥♥ = good / ♥♥♥ = really good / ♥♥♥♥ = I Love it !

Topicrem Body Milk ♥

Algotherm ♥♥

Placentor ♥♥♥

La Roche Posay corrective unclogging care Effaclar duo + & the physiological soothing toner ♥♥♥

Kiko Eye primer ♥♥♥

Make Up Revolution eyebrows palette ♥♥♥

Coastal Scents Hot Pots ♥♥♥♥

Maybeline cuticle oil ♥♥ (I am sorry, I have no idea where to buy it online, but I hope you guys can find it, or something similar…)

Aveda Style Prep “be Curly” ♥♥♥♥


So this is all For this month’s favorites, I was really excited to do this article !

I hope you enjoyed it, do not hesitate to comment and tell me if you know and like one of these products ! I would like to know your opinions 🙂

Bye bye 😉

Products I finished !

Hi there !

Today I want to show you a few products I finished recently. 

  • First of all, I want to talk about the contour cream Foxy Curls from Tigi. I have been using this product for about 9 months. The smell is really sweet (smells to cotton candy). This product is used to control the curls and fight the frizz. It does actually its job : my hair was less frizzy and the curls were well defined, the texture is a bit sticky when we just apply it but it dries fast and the smell stays the whole day.  I don’t buy another one because it’s summer and I feel it’s a bit too heavy at the moment. I think it’s a good product for people who wants to give a nice shape to the curls. I would certainly buy it again but not so soon, I want to try other brands first 😉

You can find Tigi Foxy Curls here

  • I use these days the facial spray from Evian. It’s really good especially when it’s hot, I love to put it a bit in the fridge before using it. I mostly use it when I go out from the shower, I like to refresh my face with natural water, it helps me then to have a very soft and clean skin to then apply my face lotions and creams. I also use it in a different way : There are days when I don’t know how to set my hair properly and when I need to redefine my curls, I like to spray a bit the tips to give a bit of moisture. I wash my hair every 2 days so I can not say my head is dirty, but this is really to humidify and work with the hair. I finished this spray a few days ago and I already started another bottle.

You can find Evian Facial Spray here

  • Some people laugh when I tell them that I use every single day an anti-ageing eye contour cream. They think I am too young : I am 26 years old …  I believe if we don’t want to have wrinkles, we must treat our skin before we start to have some. I have bought a cream from Peggy Sage. It says this one has green tea extract. The tube is 15ml and I used it (morning and night) for about 5 months.  It’s really nice and even though I have a sensitive skin, this one didn’t bring me any allergies. You can see it here but I am not sure where exactly you can find it online, it says you can buy it only in authorized retailers.
  • I give a particular attention to body milks. I use them everyday, just after I take my shower (I take 2 showers a day : morning and night). I tried once a body milk from Korres, it was with Basil and Lemon. I didn’t smell very much to basil but I liked that product very much, so I wanted to try another one from that brand but with a different smell : Bergamot Pear.  It was really smelling to pear. I love the texture of it : it dries quite fast and is not sticky on the skin. The smells stays long time and the skin becomes very soft. I cannot find it in France so I buy it online. I finished this tube in about 2 weeks.It’s really a fresh smell for summer and I would for sure buy it again. I love that brand and if you care about the formula of your cosmetics, you should be happy to know that it has 92.3 % of natural content, with no mineral oil, no petrolatum/paraffin wax, no silicones, no parabens etc…

For Korres Basil & Lemon click here

For Korres Bergamot Pear click here

  • Finally, the last product I finished is the 24hr moisturizing body lotion from Nuxe. I love it ! I haven’t tried many products from Nuxe, but I can say that this one is really amazing. I also used it after the shower (I use one body lotion/milk at a time, I first finished Korres then I used that one). What can I say besides it’s just perfect! It’s with almond and orange flower petals. So the smell is not so strong nor floral at all (I don’t like to smell like a flower bouquet). The smell is relaxing and the skin becomes so soft after using it. The formula is 94% with natural ingredients and no parabens. As soon as I finished it I wanted to try another one from Topicrem (I will talk about it in another post) but I am regreting it very much and I am very impatient to buy that one again.

You can find Nuxe 24hr moisturizing body lotion here

Have you ever tried one of these products ? What do you think about them ?

See you ! xoxo

Honey, honey, honey

Honey has many powerful benefits on our skin :  it’s a great antibacterial and it’s an amazing wound healer, I Like to use it sometimes on my skin care.

I have a very sensitive skin, I don’t have any acne or severe problems but I have some blemishes or allergies if I use some cosmetics.

Honey, I love you

(credit photo : Claudia – Cosi)

I like to do once in a while a face scrub (not too often). The only way to have a good  face scrub, without any fear AT ALL of getting blemishes, is to make my own, with honey and sugar. I try it once in a while and the result is incredible.

I do it at night, so that the cells can regenerate while I sleep, then I can see big changes when I wake up the next day : the skin is more soft and the blemishes almost disappear (no cream or treatment is good enough compared with honey). Also this scrub helps to remove almost all the black spots.

It’s really easy to make it, also economical because honey and sugar are not expensive.

What you need is just to mix a table spoon of honey, with a tea spoon of sugar,  but don’t use water ! (the sugar melts).  You can use it also all over your body. Make sure that you have enough honey and sugar.

You can even use the honey as a face mask : leave it 5 minutes on your skin then rinse.

Another way I use honey is not as a skin care, but as a hair treatment : I mix it with olive oil and I leave it about 30 minutes on the tips of my hair before shampooing. It’s a good combination because it will bring you softness and shinning.

Well, as you can see, there are many ways to use honey, the most important thing is to know that it will be only good to you no matter how you want to use it on for your beauty 😉